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Anker Tonregie


The Studer Vista 5 console is the centrepiece of the Musigstöckli. The former Radio SRF mixing console allows many configurations. With 40 Studer preamps in the recording room and 24 Studer preamps in the control room, plus an additional 16 external preamps, accessible from the recording room as well as the control room, every production becomes very flexible.


The Studer high-end AD converters transmit the signal via a Madi Stream, to an RME Madiface. The Madiface transmits 64 inputs and 64 outputs at 48kHz and 24bit to, and from, the DAW.

Anker Aufnahmeraum


The 40 m2 recording room is suitable for all types of instruments for recording. With gobos and acoustic curtains, the reverberation time can be varied.


The monitoring is provided by the Powerplay system. With 4 stereo channels, 4 mono channels, 1 click channel, 1 reverb channel, 1 delay channel and 1 talkback channel, the musicians can adjust the monitor mix on their own.


All rooms have video communication.

Anker vocalbooth


The 6.4 m2 and 2.3 meter high booth is acoustically soundproof in the frequency range of the voice and allows a dry recording.


The booth has video communication to the control room or the recording room.


The booth is also used as an amp booth. For combo amps with the SGI from Radial Engineering or via speaker cable when the top is in the music room.

Anker amph booth


In addition to the large booth, a small ampbooth is available. For combo amps with the SGI from Radial Engineering or via speaker cable if the top is in the music room.


There is also an isolation cabinet with an integrated HIWATT speaker.


  • Adam Audio A7 Speakers

  • Studer Vista 5 - 64 channel input console

  • RME Madiface 64 In/Out

  • DAW Cubase Pro 10 / Hindenburg Journalist / Ableton Live Suite 10

  • Mac Pro 5.1 six core 3.33 GHz / Catalina 10.15.7 / SSD HD / 48 GB RAM

  • 16 analog outputs from Studer d21m to PowerPlay 16 P16-I, for 6x Behringer Powerplay P16-M



  • 24x Studer Preamps in Studer d21m

  • 1x Midas XL48 / 8-channel Mic Pre

  • 1x Warm Audio WA-412 / 4-channel Mic Pre

  • 1x Empirical Labs mike-e

  • 1x SPL Track One

  • 1x dbx 376 Tube Channel

  • 1x TL Audio Ivory 2 Series 5051


Effect Processing:

  • 1x TC 2290 digital delay

  • 1x Yamaha SPX 90 reverb

  • 40 Studer Preamps in Studer d21m

  • Total 64 channels to the control room

  • Total 20 channels from the control room

  • 12 channel DI

  • 2x Radial Engineering SGI

  • 6 Behringer Powerplay P16-M

  • Speakercabel to both Ampbooths

  • iConnectivity Mio10 Midi Interface

  • Zoom H6 Recorder for outdoor recordings

For rehearsals, a Midas m32r console, a sound system, monitors, microphones, stands and cables can be rented on request.

  • 2x Neumann U 87

  • 2x Neumann KM184

  • 1x Neumann KM84

  • 1x Neumann KM 130

  • 1x Mic & Mod U 47 Clone Tube Microphone

  • 1x Aston Microphones Spirit

  • 1x Aston Microphones Stealth

  • 2x Aston Microphones Element

  • 2x 3U Audio Warbler Microphone GZ 67 FET

  • 2x 3U Audio Warbler Microphone GZ 251 FET

  • 2x Golden Age Project R1 MK2 (2x TA FetHead)

  • 3x Bumblebee RM-7 Active Ribbon Mic

  • 2x AKG C 460 B

  • 1x AKG C 214

  • 3x Sennheiser MD 421

  • 1x Sennheiser MD 422

  • 3x Sennheiser e904

  • 1x Sennheiser e606

  • 1x Sennheiser e935

  • 1x Sennheiser MD 441

  • 1x Solomon LoFReQ SubKick

  • 1x Shure Beta 52A

  • 1x Shure Beta 91A

  • 1x Shure SM 91

  • 3x Shure SM 58

  • 1x Shure SM7b

  • 1x Beyerdynamic M201TG

  • 6x Revox M 3500

  • 1x Audix D6

  • 3x Audix i5

Anker equipment
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